Sunday School



1st & 2nd Grade         

Girls 3rd & 4th Grade  

Boys 3rd & 4th Grade 

Girls 5th - 7th Grade    

Boys 5th - 7th Grade 

Adult Sunday School 

Junior Church


Junior church is an opportunity for children to learn bible lessons and participate in activities geared more towards their age level.  During the 2nd half of morning worship, children will have the opportunity to participate in Junior Church if they wish.  



Our church as a whole supports over 50 missionaries across the world.  We believe in helping others spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.  


Maurice Lapierre is our missionary to Haiti.


Maurice is a native Haitian that came to America and received the Lord Jesus Christ as his Savior.  After years of growing in the Lord Bro Maurice surrendered to return to Haiti to bring his people the gospel.



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